Current developments - Poseidon 37

Floating Power Plant has constructed a 37 meter model for a full off-shore test at Vindeby off-shore wind turbine park, off the coast of Lolland in Denmark. The demonstration plant named Poseidon 37 is 37 meters wide, 25 metres long, 6 meters high (to deck) and weighs approximately 320 tons. The Poseidon 37 demonstration plant was launched in Nakskov Harbour in the summer of 2008 and installed at the off shore test site in September 2008.

Full Scale

The goal of the tests was to:

  • Document the efficiency rate in off-shore conditions.
  • Document the use of the system as a floating foundation for wind turbines.
  • Learn from off shore testing.
  • Use the site as a platform for further development.

FPP has now completed 4 offshore tests with P37, completing over 20 months of grid connected tests.

P37 is the only wave wind device in the world that has produced joint power to the grid in a real offshore environment.

P37 is 1:2,3 scale of the commercial P80 design




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